DSC 700-900-1400

The most compact model of the spreading range. The DSC is controlled manually or hydraulically.
It is the most compact spreader in the range, but it has all the elements of the Kubota range of spreaders. The basic capacity of the hopper is 700 liters, but can be increased up to 900 or 1,400 liters with different extensions.

DSM 1100-1550-2000

The DSM spreader is the master of the middle segment. The DSM is the perfect spreader for the middle segment of the farms! Each spreading disc has 8 blades and its length determines the working width of the machine. These 8 blades contribute to the standard
With easy-to-assemble aluminum extensions, the basic hopper capacity of 1,100 liters can be increased up to 1,550 or 2,000 liters.

DSM-W 1100-1550-2000

Facilitate scattering with the DSM-W. The DSM-W is the ideal weighing spreader for the smaller producer! This ISOBUS 11783 compatible weighing spreader is equipped with a unique reference sensor.
The FlowPilot panel on each spreading disc ensures simple and fast setup or adjustment.

DSM-W GEOSPREAD 1100-1550-2000

The DSM-W GEOSPREAD is the ideal spreader for professional farmers and farmers.
The GEOSPREAD system does the section control of only 2 meters. With a maximum of 14 sections and the possibility of switching the medium, unnecessary overlap is defined as an absolute minimum. The 4 load cells and the reference sensor in the DSM-W


Perfect choice for light to medium soils without stones
This assembled reversible plow targets professional farmers with small to medium-sized farms. This new design generates high cost savings for the farmer.


Perfect choice for tractors up to 150 HP High performance in light to medium without stones Variation of the working width “On the Move”: Variomat®
This mounted reversible plow aims to plow intense for small to medium farms.


Ideal choice for stony conditions
Lightweight and sturdy plow. This mounted reversible plow aims to plow intense for small to medium farms.


The CU3000C is a 3 bar cultivator for tractors from 90hp. Based on the CU3000, variant “C” is equipped with an easy and compact module for rear accessories. These shorter growers need less lifting capacity and are
The parallelogram carries two curved arms that reduce the overlap of the machine.


The CU3000 3-bar straight-up cultivator has been specially designed to meet all tractor conditions and sizes from 90 to 350 hp. The CU3000 has become the reference point in relation to the permissible power.
It can therefore be combined with any type of roller and accessories that make these growers extremely versatile. The high quality absorbs the stronger forces guarantees a very long durability.


Kubota SE1000 shredders are small, medium-service machines for use in slightly rough areas and other green areas: amenity areas, grazing areas and similar situations.
The Kubota SE1000 is available in 4 models from 0.90m working width to 1.80m. The SE1000 is very easy to operate and requires minimal maintenance.


The Kubota SE2000 is a multipurpose helicopter for road maintenance, eliminating field edges, ditches and hedges. In addition, the SE2000 shows versatility in operation on grass, light wood and shrubs, making it ideal for park maintenance.
The Kubota SE2000 is suitable for tractors up to 110 hp and is available in 1.55m, 1.85m and 2.00m working width.


The Kubota SE4000 is a multipurpose shredder for lawn mowing, grazing, cleared land and stubble. A strong double head allows the machine to be mounted in front of or behind the tractor.
Together with hydraulic displacement, it provides multifunctional versatility for almost all conditions, and. eliminating field borders, orchards and roadsides.


The Kubota SE5000 is a multipurpose machine for cutting grass, grazing, land taken from land and stubble. By hydraulic displacement, the SE5000 offers the possibility to clean field edges, orchards and roadsides.
Hammer blades or Y blades with short ventilation blades allow for perfect grinding quality under all conditions.


The PP1000 models are precision universal seeders for corn, sunflower, bean, non-spelled beet, sediment beet, dwarf bean, soybeans, peas and many other types of seed. It can be used for a wide variety of ap
The PP1000 Series is available in 3 to 6 m working widths with flexibly adjustable line widths and a wide range of additional equipment.


The machine is based on a brand new frame concept that allows the customer to quickly change line widths from a minimum of 30 cm to 80 cm.
This frame concept combines the reliability of the sowing unit with an even stronger and more versatile frame.


Kubota features integrated pneumatic seeding, the SD3001MP series. This model allows seed preparation, re-compaction and sowing in a single pass.
The SD3001MP series is offered with a hopper capacity of up to 2000 liters. Operator Assistance – innovative and precise depth control.


Os semeadores pneumáticos

The Kubota SH200 and SH500 pneumatic seeders integrated into the short disk cultivator or cutter are designed to ensure rapid implementation of the cover during stub operation at minimum costs.
The two models SH200 and SH500 are different depending on the seed rate / and the output of the machine.